What is Fusion Power?

It sounds like something out of an old science fiction movie, but fusion power is not only real, it is also a solution to the world’s energy crisis. Most electricity is generated by fossil fuels, and with the population and demands on electricity growing, a new means of generation must be found. This new mean is fusion power.

Fusion power can be made anywhere and can provide a lot of energy without causing harm to the environment. The way it works is that atoms are heated at high temperatures (temperatures like the surface of the sun for instance) and then they are forced together. When they collide, energy is created and instantly released. The released energy can be captured and then used conventionally.

Hydrogen isotopes are commonly used for this process, and they can be found in large supplies all over the earth. The good fusion power news is that it can power the earth for millions of years, all without damaging the environment.

It is a form of clean energy, that doesn’t give any risk of meltdowns or puts out any waste into the world. This means that on-demand fusion power plants can be located next to homes, schools, or businesses without fear of any contamination or other risks.

The high heat required for fusion technology can be created with plasma, and there are three different types of methods used. One produces a small amount of energy per collision, but the plasma is stable enough for collisions to happen more often, the second does the inverse with a lot of energy over a short term, and the third combines the two.

Fusion technology and power generation are starting to be a viable source of power generation, and soon it could be in power plants worldwide.